Traditional Style Dried Abalone Recipe 溏心干鲍的烹饪步骤

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Ingredients 食材准备

  • Dried abalone 干鲍
  • Chicken 老母鸡
  • Pork ribs猪排骨
  • Chicken feet 鸡爪
  • Pork skin 猪皮
  • Oil 食用油
  • Brandy 白兰地酒
  • Chinese maltose 麦芽糖
  • Stock 高汤
  • Dark soy sauce 老抽

Method 烹饪方法

  1. Soak the dried abalone in distilled water between 4 and 7 days depending on size.  Change the water daily whilst keeping the abalone refrigerated. 根据鲍鱼大小将干鲍和蒸馏水一起置于冰箱冷藏室中浸泡4-7天,每天换一次水,使干鲍柔软即可。
  2. Use a pair of scissors to remove the mouth area of the abalone. Wash the abalone with water. 将泡软的鲍鱼用清水洗净并去除砂囊。
  3. To soften the texture of the abalone, use the soaking water from step one and boil the abalone for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on size. Allow it to cool down to room temperature, for 12 hours. 将洗净的鲍鱼用第一步留用的水煮沸30或者60分钟,依据大小,然后熄火闷置12小时(鲍鱼和)汤汁全部留用)。
  4. Cut the chicken, pork ribs, chicken feet and pork skin  into 10cm pieces. Boil the ingredients to remove any contamination. Use paper towel to dry before deep frying until golden brown.将老母鸡,猪排骨,鸡爪,猪皮切块至10厘米大小,煮沸,并倒掉汤血水后沥干或用厨房纸吸干水分,然后用植物油炸至金黄色待用。
  5. Begin by placing the bamboo sheet/mat inside the Chinese style clay pot to prevent sticking. Then place half of the previously prepared mixture into the pot. Follow by transferring the boiled abalone and lastly place the remaining mixture on top. Put the boiled water from step 3 into the pot and add more water until the final layer is submerged. 备一砂锅,锅底置一竹离防粘,然后按一层肉料一层肉料的做法好,并将煮过鲍鱼的汤汁倒入,再加清水满过物料。
  6. 6. Braise for 2 days continuously, 10 hours each day with a total of 20 hours. Add oyster sauce in the last 5 hours of braising. 第一天猛水煮沸后改小火焖煮10个小时,让焖煮后的鲍鱼熄火静置一晚,次日再将其煮沸并改小火继续烹煮10小时,乘余最后5小时可开始加适量上等?油调味。
  7. Remove the mixture, abalone and bamboo sheet from the pot. To make the sauce in a separate pot lightly frey the oil, brandy, Chinese maltose, stock and dark soy sauce. Mix the sauce with abalone to serve. 将经过以上烹制的鲍鱼捞出略沥干,并用其高汤加适量麦芽糖,老抽,白兰地酒爆锅调味,鲍鱼装碟淋汁即成。
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