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James diving for Seaforest’s new game-changing seaweed feed!

Seaforest– Cultivating Asparagopsis for our climate  James has been diversifying his diving time to assist a game-changing seaweed supplement trial for farmers across Australia. He’s been diving through the coastal waters of the remote Keppel Islands Rockhampton to collect seaweed for Seaforest’s native seaweed animal feed. The results of the trial so far have revealed […]

Braised abalone with sweet potato and greens 红烧鲍鱼配红薯和青菜

A delicious meal in only 20 minutes using the Candy Abalone Ready to Eat will Tasmanian dried abalone.    仅需20分钟即可亨用 – 顿美味佳肴使用来自溏心鲍鱼的塔斯马尼亚野生干鲍。   Ingredients 食材 Ready to eat candy abalone 即食溏心鲍鱼 Sweet potato 红薯 Spinach 菠菜 Ready to eat sauce 即食鲍汁   Method 烹饪方法 Place the closed packet in a pot of water and bring to the boil. 将封闭的包装放入一锅水中,煮沸。 Once the […]

Traditional Style Dried Abalone Recipe 溏心干鲍的烹饪步骤

Ingredients 食材准备 Dried abalone 干鲍 Chicken 老母鸡 Pork ribs猪排骨 Chicken feet 鸡爪 Pork skin 猪皮 Oil 食用油 Brandy 白兰地酒 Chinese maltose 麦芽糖 Stock 高汤 Dark soy sauce 老抽 Method 烹饪方法 Soak the dried abalone in distilled water between 4 and 7 days depending on size.  Change the water daily whilst keeping the abalone refrigerated. 根据鲍鱼大小将干鲍和蒸馏水一起置于冰箱冷藏室中浸泡4-7天,每天换一次水,使干鲍柔软即可。 Use a pair of scissors to remove the mouth area […]

Candy Abalone feature in Small World Documentaries

Candy Abalone is excited to be featured in the Colours of Australia 4×1 hr series from ZED Productions, filmed and directed by Phillippe Moreau, Small World Documentaries. This colourful voyage explores some beautiful Australian landscapes, providing an explanation about particular uses or unusual natural colours we see every day. They took the plunge into the […]

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