Braised abalone with sweet potato and greens 红烧鲍鱼配红薯和青菜

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A delicious meal in only 20 minutes using the Candy Abalone Ready to Eat will Tasmanian dried abalone.    仅需20分钟即可亨用 – 顿美味佳肴使用来自溏心鲍鱼的塔斯马尼亚野生干鲍。


Ingredients 食材

  • Ready to eat candy abalone 即食溏心鲍鱼
  • Sweet potato 红薯
  • Spinach 菠菜
  • Ready to eat sauce 即食鲍汁


Method 烹饪方法

  1. Place the closed packet in a pot of water and bring to the boil. 将封闭的包装放入一锅水中,煮沸。
  2. Once the water has boiled reduce to a simmer (90℃) for 20 minutes. 水煮沸后调至小火(90 ℃)焖20分钟。
  3. Remove from the pot, pour the sauce and abalone onto a plate and serve with sweet potato and spinach. 从封闭包从锅中取出,将酱汁和鲍鱼倒入盘中,然后与蒸熟的蔬菜一起搭配享用。


Unique ready to eat abalone exclusively pre-prepared by master abalone chef Mr Lee Chiang Howe.


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