Candy Abalone Directors James Polanowski and Mike Vecchione draw from the traditions of the past to produce beautiful Australian seafood. It is completely organic – truly the result of Tasmanian nature and nurture.

Drying facility

Celebrating organic and handmade

We choose organic because we believe that producing Australian Seafood the traditional way, with care, makes our abalone exceptional. We love to work with local artisans who share these organic values.

Born to be wild

The Candy Abalone family know the ocean, and know their abalone. Candy Abalone Director James is a second generation abalone diver and since he was little remembers the wild excitement of being in the ocean. Learning to dive with his father is where his passion for Australian seafood began. It’s a story of adventure, a love for the wild ocean, and most of all, family. Discover more about abalone diving.
James diving

We respect the wild ocean and the seafood it provides us